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Winning isn’t Everything

Wow, what an amazing week.  After 35 attempts since August of 2020 all of our hard work and effort finally paid off and we succeeded!  No, I’m not talking about landing a large and important client.  No, we’re not rolling out a revolutionary product, nothing

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A car's wheel rim

Leadership Lessons from a Cracked Rim

I was driving the other day when I got a warning from my car’s information system that one of my tires was low on air.  I have run-flat tires and my car constantly monitors the air pressure so it can let me know when I

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7 Steps to Better Listening Skills

Effective leaders employ many skills, but none are more important than your listening skills.  If you search the web for “leadership skills” you’ll find many lists of various sizes.  While all of those skills are useful, listening is the only skill that is so essential

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Accountability - 1/2 Mile Responsibility - 2 Miles

Why You Shouldn’t Make Team Members Responsible

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make as a leader is to make someone responsible for getting something done…We tend to equate responsibility with accountability and these are two, very-different words. Responsibility is our ability to give a response, to act. Implicit in

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Nathanael Greene by John Trumbull

Create a Culture of Learning

Locked on Leaders create a culture of learning, one that demands others learn from their mistakes as well.  Learning from our mistakes has always been a hallmark of a good leader but great leaders create a culture that allows for and celebrates everyone learning from

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Staying Connected with Your Team in a 2-Dimensional World.

As businesses shift to a virtual workforce, it becomes more critical that leaders effectively connect with their teams.  We’ve replaced our 3-dimensional interactions with the 2-dimensional interactions of video conferences and calls.  Mechanisms for connections that happened naturally and organically around the water cooler won’t

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Biological Hazard sign

Leading in Crisis

How to Plan for Survival
In my life, I have always found that nothing helps in times of uncertainty like having a plan. If you aren’t sure what you can do, this is the time to rally your team and develop a plan. Remember,

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Ike with troops

Soft Skills, the Secret to Successful Hiring

Today, I want to discuss soft skills as it relates to interviewing and acquiring your elite team. Soft skills are those intangible skills that are not objectively easy to measure. Let’s juxtapose that against hard skills, another thing we need to look at when we’re

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