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Dave Rosenberg is a thought leader, renowned speaker, author, and podcast host in the field of Radical Accountability. He has been the president of 4 organizations and has consulted with over 100 companies across the United States. His clients represent a large cross section of industry from manufacturing, retail, construction, engineering, farming, trucking communications and service. With over 30 years of experience working with organizations of all sizes, Dave brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to every speaking engagement.

Leading The Way

Dave’s biggest challenge as a Naval Officer didn’t come in the cockpit of his F-14 (made famous by the movie Top Gun), but rather as a leader of people. It was under combat conditions that he grasped how the right words at the right time can do more than simply motivate people—it can inspire them!

He thought it would be easier in the private sector, but he couldn’t have been more wrong! Dave was used to a team that knew lives depended on them. Now, without the urgency of combat, he found it difficult to get his team to do more than go through the paces. He knew he had to figure out how to inspire them to be accountable to themselves, each other, and their mission to successfully achieve their goals.

Breaking Bricks &
Breaking Convention

A practicing martial artist since the age of 13, Dave earned multiple black belts in 2 different styles. His disciplined training taught him a very important truth:

Building something is more difficult than destroying something.

The Locked on Leadership process comes from the combined approach of what an engineer with discipline learned from both the military and martial arts. 

While he is still able to break bricks, he’d rather spend his time helping clients build a successful business by implementing powerful practices that boost performance.

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