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Locked on Leadership by Dave Rosenberg

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Discover how to create proud, profitable and cohesive teams with Locked on Leadership from Dave Rosenberg! Liberally sprinkled with real-life examples from the military during Operation Desert Storm, and from Dave’s personal experience in the private sector with companies like Snacknation and Zappos, you get the inside intel on how these leaders transformed their culture and developed esprit de corps – the essential ingredient that inspires a unit to a higher goal.

Taking a deep dive into the relationship between leaders and team members, Dave dares us to stop looking for the perfect employee; instead, he shows us step-by-step how to recruit, retain and raise our troops through the power of better questions and scenarios. In short, this is the book that lifts the “fog of war” clouding our judgment on what it takes to become a better business leader.

Locked on Leadership by Dave Rosenberg

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