Assessing Your Company’s Leadership Effectiveness

Do you ever wonder if your leadership is truly effective?  There are a number of ways to tell.  You could look at your numbers.  If you are hitting your goals, being profitable, or acquiring market share, all of these may indicate good and effective leadership,

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Dave Rosenberg playing hockey

Your Team Counts on Relationships

Sometimes you’re really glad you have a team behind you. That became painfully apparent to me Friday night.  With approximately 1 minute left in my hockey game, I had a bad fall and sprained an ankle…yes, I’m mending nicely, thank you for asking. It’s what

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Geely assembly line in Beilun Ningbo

How Do You Measure Accountability?

There is a great deal of talk about accountability; What is the goal of accountability; Why managers don’t hold employees accountable; What is the meaning of accountability are all some of the most searched for terms on the internet.  Today, however, I want to focus

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Woman thinking about different apps

No One Knows You Like You Do…or do they?

Every now and then we get confronted with our own reality.  When this happens to me, I find I am privileged to learn a stark truth that I have been wrong about for a really long time. Most recently this happened during my latest Accountability

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Hockey goalie

What is the Goal of Accountability?

Most importantly having an accountable team is required if you want to create a learning organization, one that constantly improves and grows. When everyone is doing their job correctly the bottlenecks become obvious.

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Meditating at sunrise

Do You Have the Presence of Mind?

Being present of mind is a critical leadership trait. When things go awry, our team looks to us for guidance or solutions. To provide this, we need to have the presence of mind to see what is happening and come up with a creative solution

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Houston Control Center

Go / No-go, it’s not just for NASA

I just had a disturbing phone call with my brother. Not disturbing because we had an argument or disagreement, although we’ve had plenty over the past six decades.  For all of our fights, and there were plenty complete with holes in the walls when one

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Change Your Thoughts and You Will Change Your World

Something Has to Change

Did I ever mention that I wanted to be a procrastinator but I never got around to it?  But seriously folks…have you ever saw the need to change something but for some reason you keep putting it off?  Maybe it’s your team, you want them

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Business curve on a graph

It’s All Downhill From Here

Have you ever dreaded picking up the phone to call a vendor?  I have.  In a lifetime of doing what many would consider high-stress activities like landing on an aircraft carrier at night in bad weather, calling vendors who I know will be less than

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