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Planning for Failure, the Key to Success

All too often businesses launch new initiatives that don’t work.  When I ask the leaders of these initiatives to see their plans they show me one that has success written all over it.  Invariably I say the same thing “the problem with this plan is

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Presidential Election 2016

Why You Should Aim for the Stars

Today is a historic day.  For 1/2 the country it is historic in the wrong way but regardless of how the election turned out today was going to be historic. We would either have our first woman President or, as it turned out, the first

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Are You Providing LASR Precision Praise?

Great Business Leaders Inspire with Praise Recognizing employee accomplishments is an essential part of management leadership. Unfortunately, most of the time I observe owners and managers carpet bombing “good jobs” and doing more harm than good. In order for praise to be effective you must

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Labor Day Workers

Locked On Labor

Photo by Bob Bennett, used with permission under CC license As I sit here, enjoying our temperate San Diego weather, contemplating our 3-day weekend, I can’t help but think that as much as Labor Day is a celebration of organized labor it is simultaneously a

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Dart in the center of a target

Are Your Sights Set on Target?

Business Leadership Requires Focus on the Right Target In 1942 John H. Johnson started a modest publishing company with $500. That’s the equivalent of $7,630 today. Before he died Johnson was named one of Forbes top 400 wealthiest Americans. Most of the small businesses I

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Locked On Leadership – an introduction

Welcome to the Locked On Leadership blog.  My name is Dave Rosenberg and I am a Leadership and Tactical Business Specialists.  After leaving the U.S. Navy in 1993, where I worked with some of the best men I have ever met, I entered business and ended

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Business meeting wiht men and women


Most employees leave after 4.5 years. Just when they are becoming productive, you lose them to your competitors. Turnover degrades the morale of your remaining troops and productivity. You MUST stop the desertion of talent while building a culture of eager employees – ready, willing and capable of improving their performance…and your profitability. Let

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