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Life or Death Accountability

An evocative, engaging, & entertaining keynote

Turning under-performers into over-achievers

Dave Rosenberg on stage speaking about Locked on Leadership

Improve collaboration, increase team cohesion,
and drive innovation!

Do you ever wonder how to take those chronic under-performers and make them more productive? The answer is to stop focusing on productivity and start focusing on accountability.  The real problem is that without a culture of accountability, where team members want to do the job right, the first time, and on time, the only tool left is to hold people accountable and by then it’s too late. Join Dave while he shares his secret for creating a culture where everyone acts as if lives depend on them, even when only livelihoods do!


the secret to creating a culture of accountability


the hidden reason managers won’t hold others accountable


to recognize your people and their achievements in a way THEY can appreciate

Stop struggling

to hold people accountable, and learn how to do it in a way they appreciate and crave

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Leading when shift happens

An energizing and invigorating keynote

Thrive through change

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The tools you need to succeed

Remember when you first stepped into that leadership role? You were very excited, a little nervous, and eager to blaze your path to glory. But now, every day feels like a battle. You’re dealing with change at a rate you’ve never seen before. How do you drive your team when you don’t know what tomorrow looks like, much less next week or next month?

The good news is this isn’t really something new.
You’ve been dealing with change your entire life, just not at this pace.

Sharing stories from both his Navy and private sector careers, Dave guides audiences through the tools you need to not only lead during change, but to thrive in it, regardless of the speed or degree of change you experience.

Attendees will emerge energized and invigorated, confident and excited to take on the challenges of positive change. They will love Locked On Leadership: Leading When Shift Happens as they discover how they can apply the lessons to their roles right now, tomorrow, and whenever shift happens!


effectively in any environment


high-performing team members


hidden opportunities in change


programs to drive long term success.


An Interactive and Insightful keynote

Rise, thrive, and drive excellence!

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Leverage your leadership strengths and mitigate your weaknesses

You have always been responsible, resourceful, and accountable. These traits have led to the success you have achieved in your career. As a reward, you are under consideration for advancement to supervisor, manager, or even greater things. This is good for you, your family, and your company.

Now, you’re not only going to be answerable for your own efforts but the efforts and success of those who are going to be reporting to you. Additionally, your future success will depend on them, and there are many new challenges to navigate. Some of your co-workers are only going through the motions; others need to acquire new skills but don’t seem motivated to do so.

How do you hold your friends and co-workers accountable without damaging your relationships with them? You’ve seen micro-managers in action and you know that kind of leadership isn’t sustainable. How do you avoid that pitfall?

The good news is, leadership is a skill, and with the right tools, laser focus, and the proper rules of engagement you can learn to excel at leadership.



the right people who share your values and will be motivated by your mission


your team's leadership blind spots that are sabotaging performance


your people and their achievements in a way THEY can appreciate


& empower your team by creating a culture of accountability


Apply the tenants of radical accountability

A Hands-On Interactive Workshop

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Close the deal, make your numbers, earn your bonus!

The pressure on sales professionals mounts and then resets every time your quota does.  No matter how well you’ve done in the past, you’re only as good as your current quota period.  The problem is you’re Locked On to the wrong target.

Sales isn’t about getting people to buy from you, it’s about being accountable to supporting your prospect’s needs and goals!  When you know how to do that, you not only make the sale, you gain a customer for life.

For sales professionals at any experience level, this program will provide a mindset shift that revolutionizes your sales process and results.
Think About Others
Uncover Your Needs
Model The Behaviors
Reap Successful Outcomes

Keynote, general session,
breakout, or half-day workshop.
You decide.

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