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When you book Dave Rosenberg to speak at your event, you’re not just getting a speaker – you’re getting a catalyst for change. Dave’s engaging storytelling, practical insights, and actionable strategies leave audiences inspired and equipped to take their teams to new heights and act as if lives depend upon them, even if only livelihoods do.

5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team: Accountability & More

Are you tired of seeing your cohesive team fall short of their potential, despite having clear goals? In the world of leadership, we often assume that setting a common goal…

Special Forces part II

As you recall from the previous issue of Locked On Leaders, my wife and I are hooked on the new show Special Forces: The World’s Toughest Test.  This is the…

What You Can Learn From Reality TV

I know, I missed the entire month of October.  My apologies.  My wife and I got hooked on a new TV show, Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.  If you haven’t…


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