The Proof is in the people

See the difference locked on leadership has made on these professionals taking their industries by storm.

Dakota Mills
Frost Bank
Interesting, Captivating
Jesse Baza
Lone Star Capital Bank
Heather Lee
Riggin Flight Service
Valuable insight on dealing with difficult personnel situations.
Shannon Weidekamp
Equus Flight Academy
The triangle of accountability and what legs it stands on
Chris Nommensen
RMA Orange County & Inland Empire
A engaging conversation that goes against the grain of a lot that you have been taught but know deep down that what has been said is true.
Cameron Blais
National Bank of Middlebury
I just finished watching Dave Rosenberg, I loved the presentation!  It’s by far the best presentation I’ve seen in this organization, super engaging, I took lots of notes that I can implement in my daily life.
Stephanie Siraco
Life Cycle Engineering
Frame[s] a constructive way to inspire those who need to improve performance.
Anita Mallory
Praise in public, discipline in private …but show how it impacts the whole team
Bruce McCall
Triad Aviation Academy
Jennifer Sharpe
AgCountry Farm Credit Services
Engaging and Useful
Andrew williams
Fifth Third Bank
Teri Latrice Harris
Axiom Bank
Very inspiring, hit the mark with managing team members, and how to get the most out of them. Also how my job can be more important than I know and how my attitude would affect others around me.
Brad Wojtek
I loved it! Great message how we need to use leadership to thoughtfully manage our behaviors during any Crisis/Change to positively calm, guide, and inspire our people...a great delivery style and your opening stories establish trust and confidence that you’ve lived Change Management where the consequences are much more than losing a customer or disappointing shareholders.
Barry Ramsay
Founder, Barry Ramsay Consulting
Learn how to motivate and course correct people.
David Pitcairn
Pitcairn Flight Academy
I found it to be reassuring and empowering.
Theresa Arrighi
Truist Bank
Inspiring and valuable tools for connecting with people in a effective way
Amber Hull
AgWest Farm Credit
This helped me determine how to better acknowledge the way others feel and how to discuss issues without them getting defensive
Babette Stone
Pinnacle Financial Partners
Elena Dawson
Raymond James Bank
Very Informative
Monika Maurer
Sam Mott
Blue Skies Above
Awesome, Insightful
Mark Kesler
TK Sales
“As an Association, when your Keynote session starts with “Aten hut! What are you doing in your seats? Stand up! Stand up! Stand up!” and “When I say ‘Room’, I am addressing each and every one of you in this room, and that will be followed by a command, and you will get on your feet!” you get a little nervous for what’s in store. But after seeing a room full of Contractors and Manufacturers get on their feet seconds later, you know without a doubt that hiring Dave was a success.

His session and content was engaging and relevant to literally everyone in the room, which is typically an impossible feat with our group, and everyone left with actionable take-aways from the program. Dave’s was one of the most talked about sessions of the Conference, including positive reviews from those who are known for being a “hard sell”. From start to finish, Dave was an absolute pleasure to work with, and we have the utmost confidence in referring him to other groups looking for a dynamic and engaging Keynote session to motivate your people.”
Lindsey Dutkiewicz
Associate Director, Firestop Contractors International Association
Applicable information, very useful
Brett Zukowski
Insightful! Actionable. Great storyteller!
Tom Trotter
Vegas Aviation
Informative, motivational, engaging
Josh Coleman
Bank OZK


I wanted to share that I have been getting amazing feedback on your presentation from earlier this month. Thank you so much for coming up to Los Angeles and supporting our event!
Meeta Autrey
"From the outset, Dave Rosenberg was a true pleasure to work with for his scheduled workshop session at DHI conNextions Conference & Expo 2020. He exemplifies the organizational leadership qualities he speaks to during his session. Dave took the time to understand what keeps our target audience up at night. He takes a top-down to down-top approach to his lessons of leadership and how to better utilize inherent and learned leadership approaches to move business forward regardless of your title in an organization. When our conference went from live to virtual in 2020, like a true leader, Dave met the challenge...Highly recommend Dave for all types of summits and conferences with a focus on business management, especially post-COVID."
Joyceann Garippa
Conference & Education Manager, DHI conNextions
"Dave was easy to work with from Day 1, and he really committed to understanding our audience prior to our conference. Our industry is ready to invest in their employees, so we knew his presentation on leadership and developing self-directed teams would resonate. Once he was on stage, he engaged with our attendees and kept everyone's attention. The other thing I really loved about Dave's presentation is that it wasn't just a step-by-step recitation of a process. He presented it as a story, and each part of the story connected to a lesson he learned and applied in his own life. Dave is a captivating storyteller who offers actionable advice, and I would highly recommend him for your next event."
Melanie Moul
Managing Editor, North American Hardware & Paint Association
“When planning the PMI Aspiring Leaders Program, Dave was always very responsive and asked great questions to understand more about our target audience and the program. During the program, Dave seamlessly incorporated the history of the location where we were holding the program (the USS Midway) as well as our participants’ backgrounds throughout his workshop. Dave was a fantastic fit for this program!”
Stephanie Lass
Education Coordinator, Plumbing Manufacturers International
“As you know, finding good speakers for our events can sometime(s) be hit or miss. A promo video is really just the highlights reel from selected sessions and may not be an accurate representation of what a session is in actuality (how many times have we seen that in real life?).
Lindsey Dutkiewicz
Associate Director, Firestop Contractors International Association.